• The Videomail project was started to help Labs explore how Constant Contact customers might easily create and share video. Videomail turns the creation and editing of video content into a template-based process, making it much easier for novice writers and directors to assemble professional-looking videos and send them to their contacts and event registrants. Read on to learn more about Videomail, then try it out for yourself!



  • What’s So Great About Video?

    If you’re a Constant Contact customer, you might’ve seen some of our recent posts highlighting video as an interesting alternative to traditional text-based communication. Video is a great way to drive significantly higher audience engagement and click-through - some studies actually show a 2x to 3x increase in click rate for emails that contain video! For more about why video makes great newsletter content, take a look at some of these links:


    Sounds pretty interesting, right? Video is definitely something Constant Contact customers need to be in on. Now, we’re already helping savvy customers who know how to build and publish videos with great official product features like Insert Video. But for less experienced customers looking to get their feet wet with video for the first time, there are some big hurdles to overcome.


    Let’s Do Some Hurdles

    The first hurdle is, though there are already plenty of products and services dedicated to helping small businesses publish, distribute and analyze the results from videos, they all start at the same place: “Step one: upload your video.” This is great if you already have a video, but what if you don’t? For that matter, what if you don’t know how to make one in the first place? That’s a big barrier for many customers.

    But beyond that, let’s say you’re really excited about video, and willing to enlist help in making one. No problem - there are plenty of production houses and companies dedicated to helping novices make cool, professional-looking videos. Sounds great! But the trouble here is, making professional-looking video requires a lot of specialized expertise, so production houses tend to run pretty high prices. They provide services that cost hundreds of dollars (or more), and that definitely doesn’t work for everyone.

    So in short, there just aren’t many options for small businesses and organizations who want to create and share video, but don’t have the time, money, or expertise to do so.


    We’re Constant Contact! And solving a problem like this is what we do. Videomail is Labs’ first step towards that goal - it’ll help us investigate how to help customers create and share video simply, affordably and professionally.

    How Videomail Works

    The Videomail project is a partnership between Constant Contact Labs and VisibleGains, a video-focused startup. VisibleGains has built a web-based video creation system that manages the complexities of video production in the same way Constant Contact manages the complexity of newsletter and event creation: by packaging expertise and best practices into easy-to-use templates. The Videomail prototype turns video creation into a template, and in doing so radically simplifies the process.

    When you log in to Videomail, you’ll be asked to create a video newsletter. This is a very simple, stripped down newsletter editor that focuses attention on the video you’re sending. When you click to create a video, you’ll be switched over to the VisibleGains site - kind of like how Constant Contact customers can already switch to Piknik to edit images - and you’ll be dropped into a 15-second Event Promotion video template, complete with premade script. You can upload video clips (or just drop in images) to fill the template blocks, and record a voiceover straight from your computer’s mic. When you’re done, click “Continue” to switch back to Videomail, drop the video into one of our special streamlined newsletter templates, and send it on out.

    This is an early prototype, still a bit rough around the edges, but Labs is excited to get your thoughts! You can log in using any normal Constant Contact customer account:

    Try out Videomail now!


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